A Guide to Business Expansion Funding During COVID-19


Some businesses and corporate enterprises experiencing tremendous growth during the COVID-19 pandemic because their products or services have been crucial in the supply chain.

Developing new infrastructure, branching into new markets, and hiring new staff is essential to facilitate business expansion during and after the pandemic — but it requires cash flow.

It takes money to expand, and your company must be prepared to receive a cash injection to achieve growth.  BusinessExpansionFund.org is designed to give flourishing businesses access to the capital they need to expand without risking cash flow.

Here is A Guide to Business Expansion Funding.

What is a business expansion loan?

Business expansion funding allows you to invest in the growth of your company to meet the surge of demand. Quite literally, this loan is designed to meet the needs of expanding businesses. For this reason, expansion funding entails a large sum of money to be paid back over a time period.

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What is business expansion funding used for?

Business expansion funding, by definition, can be used for anything that can help scale your cash-flow positive, successful business. That said, there are some common scenarios happening to businesses who are looking to expand due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Investing in real estate (i.e. a new retail location or office space)
  • Purchasing new machinery and equipment
  • Furnishing locations or office spaces
  • Purchasing inventory, materials and supplies in bulk to elevate production processes
  • Maintaining consistent working capital
  • Purchasing commercial vehicles for transportation (importing, exporting etc.)
  • Expanding your market (domestically or abroad)
  • Purchasing technology (i.e. equipment, computers)
  • Implementing large scale marketing campaigns
  • Protecting intellectual property by applying for licences, copyright, trademark or a patent
  • Hiring teams of employees & training new hires

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What businesses need business expansion loans?

In our article New Business Expansion Opportunities Emerging Under COVID-19 Outbreak, we explain that business expansion funding will be ideal for established, expanding businesses that have been in operation for a few years and are experiencing a “surge” in demand. These businesses are typically looking to make significant investments to facilitate their growth.

These are signs that your business is ready for expansion due to COVID-19:

  • You are understaffed for the production your business requires
  • You are turning away customers due to lack of product or manpower
  • You are running out of space for materials, employees, etc.
  • Your business is generating consistent or rising profits during the pandemic
  • You have access to major business opportunities but are waiting for required working capital to pursue them

Business opportunities can be fleeting. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to obtain a certain amount of working capital to pursue opportunities to grow your business. By the time you attain this capital, it may be too late. With an expansion loan, you can have access to these funds almost immediately.

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