About Us

#1 This is not a company or anyone trying to sell you anything.

This is my personal blog, my motto for life’s important decisions.

There are 2 expenses in our lives Taxes and Housing that if we change our perspective they can go from expenses to investments.

There are two options when it comes to making money and investing…

You can pursue the traditional methods designed and created for the Middle Class like savings accounts, 401K’s, IRA’s, and mutual funds. These strategies will lead to financial mediocrity, the illusion of security, and “retirement” based on scarcity and ever-dwindling resources.

Or… You can invest your money like the top 5% do… IF… You can find out how.

I created The Smart Money Life to crack open the investing strategies of the ultra-successful, in order to share them with the you so that you can once again empower yourself, and achieve your greatest level of potential.

We are living through a period of financial change that has not been seen since the Great Depression, and with that change comes the financial opportunity of a lifetime for those who learn how to position their assets correctly…

I believe that money is the root of all good, and it has become my mission to educate a new generation with the financial knowledge, skills, and values necessary to change the world for the better.

Since 2001, when I started working in the Mortgage business and my family business of Accounting and Tax Saving strategies I made it one of my primary goals to only work with good people, who know the difference between right and wrong, and who desire to live in freedom and prosperity, have a goal to change not only themselves but the lives of their loved ones as well.


**The views expressed on our website, video’s, and all related social media are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc or Accounting Guide & Taxes, Inc.**