Keeping Your Ducks in a Row This Tax Season


Do you have an organized system for keeping your tax documents together? We have something that may help.

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It’s tax season—you’re probably gathering up your W-2s and other documents, trying to make sure that you’re not missing anything. Actually, it’s very important to have a checklist to make sure that what you have is what you’ll need in order to get all the tax deductions possible and avoid financial issues down the road.

We can provide you with such a checklist, the same one we give to all of our clients. As you’re going through this checklist, remember not worry about items that don’t apply to your specific situation. You can get our checklist here.


It’s important to have a checklist to make sure you have all your tax-related documents in order.


I do want to stress that if you have plans to buy a home or invest, you should mention that to your tax planner. It will impact how your taxes are prepared. If you don’t currently have someone you use, then I would like to invite you to contact us so that we can refer you to our own financial team of accountants.

Whether or not you do use our team, this tax checklist is my gift to you.

If you have any questions about this checklist or what it contains, questions about real estate, or you have a suggestion for a future topic to cover, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you out.


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