News On The Virus & Interest Rates


Of Viruses and Interest Rates…

The stock markets around the world got rocked last week… they say it is over fears of the Coronavirus. In truth, it is not really the virus that is the fear… it is the fear of the unknown… what economic impact will this have, when does it end, what is the final tally? If the market knew there was a vaccine coming and the death toll would end at some number, it would adjust and be fine.
It is the unknown that is the big enemy to stock prices…
Here is what I have found in life… You CAN’T control anything but your own thoughts and actions. Anything else really should not take up too much of your time. It is not worth worrying about. If you truly think stocks are risky-then act accordingly. Make your move, be at peace. If you are worried about the virus effecting your family, prepare accordingly, put in place whatever steps you feel necessary then be at peace. To spend significant time worrying about something you can not control is not healthy. Act accordingly, then be at peace. I have also found one other thing, Every cloud has a silver lining and the wise try to find the good in every situation!
The good in this situation is INTEREST RATES HAVE HIT ALL TIME LOWS! The stock market loss was the bond markets gain and that led to the lowest rates on record being hit last week. MOST STRONG COMMERCIAL LONG TERM RATES ARE IN THE 3’s! Off the chain low….this means some exciting things…
  • For Businesses that own there building-you can get refinancing up to 75% to consolidate your SBA loans and other debt…a wonderful opportunity to borrow at the lowest rates in history-wow! If you run 10% margins and you save $5,000 a month by refinancing that is the equivalent of an extra $50,000 a month in new sales-HUGE impact!
  • For owners of commercial investor real estate you can potentially amp up your profits by lowering the rate on your debt dramatically-anyone with a rate in the 5’s has potential to save huge! Those savings go right into your pocket every month
  • For those with large defeasance or yield maintenance pre-pays that limit you from refinancing, we even can help you! We have a product that liens the equity in your building, without putting a lien on the property. So you tap your equity without effecting the first mortgage.
The bottom line is we can lock in the lowest rates we have ever seen for a long term perspective and that improves YOUR bottom line.
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Kevin Jimeno.
p.s. Long term interest rates hit all time lows last week and the opportunity to save BIG by locking in super low rates for the long term is a CAN’T MISS opportunity. Give us a call today and let us crunch the numbers and see if you too-can save big!