Want to Qualify for A Loan But You’re Paying Someone Else’s Debt?


So, are you paying your mother’s car or maybe, a boyfriend’s, or a cousin’s, because it’s on your credit so you are making sure that the payment gets made through your bank account?

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I understand, but actually it may be ruining your chances to qualify for a mortgage.

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you the solution, but here’s the problem: because it’s on your credit and you are making the payment out of your bank account, when you apply for a mortgage that debt is going to count against you even though it’s not your car, or not your credit card, or not your student loan.

However, here’s the solution: if you can make sure that the person makes the payment from their bank account and your name is not on there, we can show twelve months of them making the payment with your name not on there…..now, even if its on your credit card, I don’t have to count that against you and now you have a better chance to qualify for a mortgage.