We’ll Do Mortgage Marketing Leads Follow-up Campaigns For You


Do you ever wish you had the time to follow up with all the leads you get, specially if you are running internet marketing, so you’re picking up leads from either a Facebook campaign that you are doing, or maybe you are paying for Zillow Ads, or Zillow leads, or realtor.com leads?

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Are You Looking to Buy or Invest in Real Estate? Let’s Talk!

Trust me, I understand. In fact, some of my top agents that close multiple deals per month don’t even get a chance to follow up.

But here is the good news: even though you may feel that leads are falling through the cracks, as you see here, when you team up with us, we do marketing for you. So here’s an idea of a campaign that all leads receive and basically educates them as to what the home-buying process is and how the loan works.  And, as you can see here, co-branded as a partnership.

So, we market it on our behalf including you, we co-brand you, and you never ever have to worry about never being in touch. Now, if you are one of the few realtors that does have a system and you put them in your own CRM and do follow up, that’s awesome! It will only complement what we send out.

As you can see, our stuff is very specific to actually getting approved, in the home-buying process, on the different questions they usually ask. As you can see, its interactive, so when they click on it, it has very well done videos as you can see here. It is teaching them the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval so, they’ll be receiving a lot of content and we build this out indefinitely.

So here you are, only seeing the first twelve weeks, but afterwards we will continue to market to them, always co-branded as you saw in these emails, as a team, and you will not have to worry about never being in touch with them. Your contact info will be there, our contact info will be there and if it ever comes back down the line, we will be the first ones to tell you, guys. So we can get out there and close these deals together.

Hope you find it valuable, if you have any content you want to share with us, we would definitely be available to sit down and review it together. Appreciate it.  Get with one of our team members and let’s get as many leads in the system as possible because it definitely brings back leads to us, specially after month number three: we’ve seen a lot of these leads respond to not just the emails but to text message marketing, and also the ringless voicemail marketing that we sent out.

All right!  We’ll talk more about it, have a good one and I will see you guys very soon in the next training