Why Are You Scared?


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You wouldn’t turn your car around and go home at the first sign of traffic or a pothole, but we seem to have this attitude when it comes to decisions that keep us from living the smart money life. Try looking at it another way.

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Fear holds you back. Why are you scared?

I’m currently spending some time in Puerto Rico with some top agents from across the country to work on how we can bring more quality information to everyone in our network, and one big takeaway has stood out so far. Imagine you were on an airplane with some turbulence, and as soon as things started getting bumpy, the pilot turned around and went back. Or, imagine that every time you drove, you turned around and went back home as soon as you hit traffic or a little pothole.

You’d never get to where you wanted to go.

If you turn around as soon as you meet a hurdle, you’ll never get where you want to go.


Yet in our personal, professional, and financial lives, we seem to stop the minute we run into a hurdle or challenge when we’re trying to establish the smart money life and have an impact on others. Living the smart money life, investing your money wisely, and making smart decisions isn’t just about us, it’s about all the important people in our lives.

If turning around the second you hit turbulence or traffic doesn’t work, why would it work with your life? I challenge you to think about what the turbulence in your life is right now, and how it’s keeping you from making smart money life decisions. Give me a call and let’s discuss it so we can get you back on track to investing in the right places and take your business and retirement life to the next level.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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