Why don’t YOU Follow Up?


Let me ask you a question for one second….

Take a wild guess on when do most of our sales happen, first time we speak to you or after we follow up more than 6-7 times?

If you said first time aka “the hail mary” congratulations for being 100% wrong!

Dude it’s just like football, yes the hail mary is awesome and we celebrate when it happens but most of the game happens play by play, step by step….in our follow up!

One of our sales coaches Mr. Grant Cardone shows you in this video what happens when a fancy shmancy spot where he purchased a super expensive watch doesn’t follow up with him.

Is this you? Are you not following up?

Do you know you can automate your follow up process and we can help you figure this out to start creating predictable revenue.

What are you waiting for?

Come on let’s talk…and you better follow up with me!